Springs Replacement

● Get your garage door functioning safely and smoothly with our expert spring replacement service. We have a wide variety of springs in stock and our team is highly trained to perform replacements quickly and efficiently. Plus, we offer a guarantee on all services. Schedule an appointment today for peace of mind.

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When Should You Reinstall Garage Door Springs?

1. Spring is broken or damaged.

Broken or damaged springs are the most common reason for reinstalling garage door springs.

2. Garage door is not opening or closing properly.

 If the door is not opening or closing smoothly, it may be due to a faulty spring. 

3. Spring is worn out.

Like any other mechanical part, garage door springs wear out with time and use. If the spring is worn out, it may need to be replaced.

4. Door is heavy.

If the garage door is heavy or difficult to lift, it may be due to a spring that is not properly adjusted or is too weak. 

5. Spring is too old.

Garage door springs have a limited lifespan, and if the spring is too old, it may need to be replaced.